Iran, Yazd 1956 Narrow street leading to the Mosque photo by Inge Morath


Iran, Yazd 1956 Narrow street leading to the Mosque photo by Inge Morath

anti-black latinxs are the worst honestly especially anti-black salvies bc they so racist they even deny the possibility of afro-salvadorenxs exisiting


I hate this trend of weaponized femininity and how blindly people accept it without realizing it’s mostly weaponized in favor of global militarism which is decocted by neoliberalism. “Sexy American soldier, unf, she’s a woman and she can shoot an AR15! This the feminism I was waiting for!” The bitch is on a state-sanctioned mission to invade an imperialized country and carry out raids against unarmed civilians. Her other bitchass peer sits in a detention center and physically/psychologically/sexually tortures inmates who are often detained without any charges. Another soulless peer of the same twat is back home sitting in a police vehicle fully capable of police brutality and equally safe from being convicted of it. Sans weapons, their CEO sister is churning shit out of her ass and telling women to assimilate into the neoliberal order of economic empowerment, fermenting the divide between classes with shit like, “Girls can be bosses too!” For some really curious reason, the same level of aggression - once in favor of class warfare used by poor people/poor women and revolutionary terror/communism - is suddenly impermissible. And I wonder why.

I don’t see people chanting support for Palestinian women taking up arms against the IDF. I don’t see people supporting Kashmiri women fighting against Indian occupation. I don’t see people approving of indigenous women fighting against invaders. I don’t see people smiling at Baloch women rebelling against the Pakistani military. But I do see people clapping for the cunts on the State’s side. You all would throw a hissing fit if someone shot an American soldier, man or woman, but you don’t see the people on the receiving end of that imperial violence. Why? Cause you’re stupid.

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Javier speaking Nahuatl & Espanol in this video. Translation below:

Tonatiuhuia cuando nos guia en el camino (When Tonatiuh guides us in the path)

Aguilas vuelan cuando rezamos en el jardin del “bron”? (Eagles fly when we pray in the “bron” garden)

Mujeres fuertes, hombres valientes, la muerte no es el fin (Strong women, brave men, death is not the end)

Ninos que nacen en temazcales, vientre de Tonantzin (Children born in temazcales, womb of Tonantzin)

Atlachinolli, huehuetlatolli, danzando con corazon (Atlachinolli, huehuetlatolli, dancing with heart)

El kopal en el aire, cuidando los ninos, esa es la fundacion (Copal in the air, taking care of the children, that is the foundation)

Teokalli Quetzalcoatl (Church of Quetzalcoatl)

Then it repeats the same again except in the second to last line he says “cuidando la familia” taking care of the family instead of ninos/children

Temazcales are like a Mexican sweat lodge. Atlachinolli is a concept that is difficult to explain, some people would say it means water & fire, but it made up of three smaller Nahuatl words that mean water, earth, and movement.

Huehuetlatolli is ancient wisdom or words of the ancestors. Tonatiuh is the Sun, Tonantzin is Mother Earth, Quetzalcoatl is like Transformational Knowledge or Understanding

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please marry me


i like to use exclamation marks because they cover up the fact that i am dead inside!!!!

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I love it when people compliment my hair like thank you I grew it myself

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at this point i worry less about them stepping on the jordans (disrespectful as fuck as that is and a good enough reason to sock someone imo) and more the fact that every gifset i see of these basic losers is them antagonizing black communities with racist jokes and whatever other actions are basically just generally poking a hornet’s nest and then throwing their hands up to go IM JUST TELLING A JOKE PLEASE DONT HURT ME just to encourage these losers to be seen as Being Beaten Up By Unruly Savages

and basic no class having shit eating rusty clown car driving ass shitnerds will eat this all up and it is devastating to think about