Ceiling and walls above the tomb of Shah Nimatullah Wali.

Mahan, Kerman province.

"So today, when we all remember Deir Yassin, I want you to keep in mind that for Israel this crime against humanity was actually an accomplishment, it was something that aided, and in fact was essential to, the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. I mention Jewish state of Israel again and again because if not for the need to maintain Jewish supremacy the state would not need to engage in the ethnic cleansing of other inhabitants of the land. There needs to be a recognition that this massacre is not a horror of a barbaric past that we have moved beyond, it is one of the first instances of a systematic and strategic policy employed by the state of Israel to ethnically cleanse an indigenous population. A recognition that the existence of the state of Israel depends on such crimes against humanity. A recognition, especially by so-called liberal Zionists who say they mourn the loss of Palestinian life, that remembering Deir Yassin is not enough if you refuse to commit yourself to ensuring that such atrocities never happen again. To say you remember Deir Yassin without actively taking a stand against the state of Israel that continues the ethnic cleansing and slow genocide of the Palestinian people is a superficial, insincere sentiment that dishonours those who died and is an insult to the survivors who have had violence done upon them every single day of their lives since the state of Israel came into existence."

On 9th April 1948, exactly 66 years ago, the Zionist terrorist groups Irgun and Stern Gang invaded the Arab village of Deir Yassin. The militia forces entered the village firing upon the homes of unsuspecting villagers who thought they would be safe because Deir Yassin had entered a non-aggression pact with the ‘official’ Zionist militia called the Hagana. The terrorist forces then proceeded to gather all of Deir Yassin’s inhabitants in one place to kill them in cold blood after raping many women, and then the forces mutilated the bodies of the dead.

The numbers vary but perhaps up to 170 people were murdered, and that’s not taking into account those that were considered fighters by the Zionist authorities and so not listed as victims of the massacre. Among the dead, there were 30 bodies of babies.

In his book, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Israeli historian Ilan Pappe quotes the following firsthand account of a survivor of the massacre:

“They took us out one after the other; shot an old man and when one of his daughters cried, she was shot too. Then they called my brother Muhammad, and shot him in front of us, and when my mother yelled, bending over him–carrying my little sister Hudra in her hands, still breastfeeding her–they shot her too.”

Fahim Zaydan was 12 years old at the time and shot too when the troops lined up children against a wall and sprayed them with bullets “just for the fun of it”. It’s a wonder he survived.

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friend sent me his rly great Moroccan kaftan (that I only wear to bed lol) but yah I LOVE GIFTS


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brandi quiñones at versace s/s 1995

brandi quiñones at versace s/s 1995

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