anti black assholes r the same ones saying hella, ratchet, finna, imma, bae 458 times in one sentence

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but morning person + not morning person could make the worst (or maybe the best?) otp

"Gooooood morning dear :)" "fuck you and everything you stand for"

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1899 Iran - Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque


1899 Iran - Saheb-ol-Amr Mosque

perk of my girlfriend being jewish is jewish holidays are awesome and always involve food and also she’s got the mimuna like holy shit hell yeah 


Almacén Paris Volcán, San Salvador, El Salvador.


Almacén Paris Volcán, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Anonymous: so wait y r u obsessed with iran if ur not iranian

wait do i have to be iranian to be interested in iranian history and studies, damn i should stop then

nah for real tho I study Latin America and Middle Eastern history but I just focus a lot on Iranian studies bc I have a lot of friends who are Iranian journalists/bloggers/academics (diaspora and living in iran) and they are cool and help me learn stuff so yeah  

Texas makes me sad bc there’s no salvadorans here and its just like SIGHS A WHOLE LOT AND FORCES MYSELF TO EAT MEXICAN TAMALES

I have an Iranian Kurdish friend who works in Iraqi Kurdistan and he’s currently in Erbil right now and he told me about all the heightened security and stuff and I worry about him a lot bc ISIS fighting with the Peshmarga army wasnt too far from where he was working :/ 


the smarter u are the more men arent funny 

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Diab Alkarssifi’s lost archive of Lebanese and Arab photographs is brought to light in a new book by Ania Dabrowska.

Dabrowska, a London-based artist, discovered then-homeless Alkarssifi’s vast catalogue of photographs taken when he lived in Lebanon during the 1970s and eary 1980s. More information on the collection and book can be found here.

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