"O boy, if you want to gladden my heart / You must give me kisses after serving me wine" (11th century)

"O boy, you carry the business of beauty beyond all limits / With such beauty you expect me to bide my time? Impossible!" (13th century)

"Your fragrant tresses are like a trap, o boy / Your face resembles the full moon, o boy!" (11th century)

"Put down your weapons boy! Bring me kisses! / All this trouble and strife serves no purpose at all!" (11th century)

"If that Turk of Shiraz should gain my heart / I bestow upon him Samarkand and Bukhara for his black beauty spot" (a Ghazal of Hafez, 14th century) 

"They are of musky facial hair, sweet of speech, with perfumed tresses / Silver-bodied, gold-girded, and narrow-waisted" (dude i don’t know)

"By the time a Turkish sweetheart has given you three furtive kisses / You can take an Indian one and consummate the affair with him" 


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