“I don’t know why Iranians say they are Persian. Your glory days of the Persian Empire are over. #WakeUpFools”

ok you can stop now anti-Iranian Iraqis on twitter because you have no idea what you’re talking about

I get irritated every time someone says something like that.

Iranian is a very broad term, that encompasses different ethnic groups in it. Persian (or if you really want to get even more technical — Parsis) are just one part of the Iranian people.

It has nothing to do with us wanting to keep the “glory days of the Persian Empire.” Sophy, if someone says that again, direct them to this link.

it’s like hey if you’re going to be anti-Iranian can you at least know what you’re talking about. It is incorrect when some Iranians assert all Iranians are Persian but Persians do exist??? Like what. ALSO THAT’S A NEAT LINK THANK U

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Posted On: Tue, Jun. 19, 2012